Isle of Portland (4 people min)

Lasts 2 Hours (Evenings only)

The Isle of Portland safari has a wonderful blend of the old & the new. We start off by driving through the national sailing academy ~ here we see where 64 national teams fought it out during the 2012 Olympic games ~ and where Ben Ainslie battled back to beat the ‘Great Dane' Hogh-Christensen to win gold for Team GB.

We then climb 400 ft and learn about Portlands bloody history and for some spectacular views over the heart of the Jurassic coast.

As well asseeing castles, prisons, quarriesand shipwrecks there are some fascinating local tales that will amaze you!

Isle of Portland Safari

We identify some of the familiar sights, that litter thePortland landscape. Notrip to Portland would be complete without visitingPortlandBill lighthouseand the Culverwel, oldest stone structure in the UK.

Isle of Portland Safari

We briefly stop for the stunning views over the 17 mileChesil beach.Then drop down intoChiswellsite of the 1824 tsunami.

Isle of Portland Safari

Herewe cansee theChesil beach up close and personal, complete withlocal lerrets!

Isle of Portland Safari

The West weares of Portland areone of the nestingandhunting groundsof the Peregrine falcon.

Cost 30.00 / person (4 people min)

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