Hardy Country (Central Dorset)

Lasts 4 Hours


The Hardy Country safari covers some of the best known and loved countryside anywhere in Britain today.



Here you will taste and see something of what inspired Thomas Hardy to write so prolifically about his beloved county.


Hardy Country Safari


We travel along some hidden woodland byways, little used today, but bursting with wildlife.

Hardy Country Safari


We also view tried & tested courtyside skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Dorset is rich with local tales and links to famous people like ~ Laurence of Arabia ~ Admiral Hardy ~ The Powys family ~ The Tolpuddle Martyrs. 

Hardy Country Safari


After traveling through Hardy's beloved towns of Weatherbury and Casterbridge, we cross more rivers. 

Hardy Country Safari

Then climb high over Blackdown Hill to see the impresive views from Hardy's Monument. But how many Thomas Hardy's are there?


We will pass through countryside unchanged for 100s' of years. Very rarely there's a day when we don't encounter beautiful local wildlife!


Hardy Country Safari


We start and finish with stunning panoramic views of the World Heritage Coast. We believe that you will know and love Dorset more after this safari!


Hardy Country Safari


Cost £60.00 / Person


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