Wildlife Pictures taken on Jurassic safari

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Bee Orchid

Golden Roe Buck

Early Purple Orchid

Roe deer hiding in wheat

Nettle stem bell flower


Emerald moth caterpillar

Sika stags on the move

Marsh orchids

Pair of Peregrine falcons

Roe deer with fawns


'Bucky' the Badger

Fallow deer caught napping

Pyramidal Orchid

Muntjac deer hiding

Baby fawn led in reeds

Sparrow Hawk

Roe buck 


Fawn 3 months old


Sika stags


Brown hare hidding 

Fledgling Green woodpecker

Invisible Sika female 

Badger faced Welsh mountain ram

Grass snake

White Sika stag 

Longhorn cattle 

Slow worm

Russian 'Shivolsky' ponies